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Jan 11, 2010

Doylene's Daybook Jan. 11, 2010

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FOR TODAY... from Doylene's Daybook

Outside my window... It's cold here and the sun is shinning brightly.

I am thinking... about what a wonderful trip I had to Chicago.

I am thankful for... our new baby, Madison Grace. She was born Jan. 5th. It's my daughter Janice and her husband Hoppies first grandbaby. She is beautiful like her Mommie.

I am wearing... thick fuzzy lime green pjs.

I am remembering... what a great time the family had here yesterday when they came to visit the Madison.

I am going... lots of places this week. My husband's on vacation so we will go on daytrips.

I am currently reading... The Woods by Harlan Coben.

I am hoping... this year will be the year my home gets remodeled. My son, JW, painted the ceiling and helped his dad put up a new ceiling fan in the small bedroom this morning. We are trying to decide on the room color now.

On my mind... is how I want to learn more about the Lord this year. I plan to read through the Bible again this year.

Noticing that... I still need to lose those lbs. I didn't lose last year. How can that be? I can't even lose a lb. a in a year. What's wrong with me?

Pondering these words... A fools worth is presently known; but a prudent man covereth shame. Proverbs 12:16

From the kitchen... blackeyed peas and fried potatoes for lunch.

Around the house... I still have lots of work to do. It's hard for me to get housework done when hubby's home.

One of my favorite things~ a new baby. There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby.

From my picture journal...

Madison Grace.
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